Experiences are What Makes a Difference

Published on May 8, 2024



Experiences are What Makes a Difference at Max Beach Resort!

Are you ready to turn your beachfront getaway into an unforgettable adventure? Look no further than Max Beach Resort's Experiences page, where we've curated a collection of activities and amenities designed to elevate your stay to new heights of excitement and relaxation.

Cabana Rentals: Imagine yourself relaxing in luxury in one of our private beach cabanas, where you can enjoy comfortable seating and breathtaking ocean views. Whether you crave a tranquil escape or a cozy gathering place, our cabanas provide the ideal ambiance for a day of leisure and enjoyment. Plus, we offer a variety of food and beverage options to enhance your experience further.

Bicycle Rentals: Explore the scenic surroundings of Max Beach Resort with our bicycle rentals. Take a leisurely ride along the 23-mile coastline, discover hidden gems in the area, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty that surrounds our resort.

Private Workout Sessions: Elevate your fitness journey with personalized workout sessions led by Lee Apperson, a world-renowned bodybuilding professional holding prestigious titles such as Mr. America. Benefit from Lee's expertise and experience as he tailors each session to your fitness goals, helping you achieve optimal results. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to train with a fitness icon during your stay at Max Beach Resort.

Surf Lessons: Experience the thrill of surfing with Ryan Ragan, a professional surfer from Daytona Beach and a surfing sensation at Max Beach Resort. With his local expertise, focus on safety, and tailored lessons for all ages and skill levels, Ryan ensures an unforgettable surfing experience. Ride the best waves in the area confidently and with excitement under his guidance.

Beach Chair Rentals: Relax and unwind by the shore with our beach chair rentals. Enjoy the sun, sand, and sea with comfortable seating options that make beach lounging a breeze.

Boat Tours: Embark on a scenic boat tour and discover the beauty of the coast from a new perspective. World Famous Boat Tours offer breathtaking views, wildlife sightings, and memorable moments on the water. If you enjoy sunsets try their sunset river cruise, it won’t disappoint.

Daytona Lagoon Discounted Waterpark and Fun Park Tickets: Experience a day filled with family fun and excitement by getting your waterpark and fun park tickets. Dive into thrilling water rides, slides, and attractions that promise hours of entertainment for guests of every age. Delight in arcade games, laser tag, go-karts, a rock wall, zip line, and much more!

Baseball Tickets: Cheer on your favorite team with tickets to a thrilling Daytona Tortugas baseball game at the infamous Jackie Robinson Ballpark. Experience the excitement of America's favorite pastime while enjoying a day out at the ballpark.

John Unrue Photography: Capture unforgettable moments with John Unrue Photography during your travels. Whether it's preserving cherished memories from graduations, family reunions with multiple generations, corporate events, anniversaries, birthdays, or capturing the magic of special beach moments while on vacation with your family, John Unrue's expertise ensures that your precious moments are beautifully immortalized. Trust in his talent to create lasting memories that you'll treasure for a lifetime.

Guest Amenities: Elevate your special occasions and celebrations at Max Beach Resort with our exclusive in-room guest amenities. Indulge in luxurious touches such as champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries, perfect for romantic getaways or anniversaries. For birthdays and milestones, surprise your loved ones with personalized cakes or gourmet gift baskets, adding a memorable touch to your stay. Discover a range of thoughtful amenities designed to make your celebrations unforgettable at Max Beach Resort.

Private Yoga Sessions: Unwind and rejuvenate with private yoga sessions. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned yogi, our experienced instructor Amby will tailor each session to your level and preferences. Experience personalized guidance in the comfort of your preferred location anywhere on our property, whether it's the sunrise terrace, gym, grassy lawn, sunset terrace, or any other spot you desire. Embrace the calming ambiance of our resort while enjoying our private yoga sessions. Embrace wellness and relaxation during your stay with our enriching private yoga experience.

At Max Beach Resort, our Experiences page is your gateway to creating cherished memories and unforgettable moments during your stay. Whether you're seeking relaxation, adventure, or a combination of both, our curated activities and amenities ensure that every day is filled with excitement and joy.

Explore our Experiences page today and start planning your dream vacation at Max Beach Resort!