Ride the Waves of Luxury: Max Beach Resort Teams Up with Pro Surfer Ryan Ragan for Unforgettable Surf Lessons

Published on January 2, 2024


Surf with A Pro Watch Her Catch Her First Wave

Welcome to the wave-riding haven, Max Beach Resort, where sun, sand, and surf converge to create the perfect paradise for beach enthusiasts. We are thrilled to announce our newest partnership with professional surfer Ryan Ragan of Vast Oceans Surf and SUP, bringing you an exclusive opportunity to elevate your stay with private surf lessons.
Surfing with a Pro: Imagine catching the perfect wave under the guidance of a professional surfer, and now, at Max Beach Resort, that dream becomes a reality. Hailing from the surf capital, Daytona Beach, FL, Ryan Ragan is not just a local legend; he's a surfing sensation with an impressive Google 5-star rating. His expertise and passion for the waves make him the perfect partner for an unparalleled surfing experience.
Why Choose Ryan Ragan?

1. Local Expertise: Born and raised in Daytona Beach, Ryan's intimate knowledge of the local waves ensures that you'll ride the best breaks in the area.
2. Safety First: Ryan prioritizes your safety above all else. With years of experience, he brings a keen understanding of the ocean, making each lesson a secure and enjoyable experience.
3. Age is Just a Number: Ryan firmly believes that anyone, regardless of age, can learn to surf. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned rider, his lessons are tailored to your skill level, ensuring that everyone can catch their perfect wave.

Booking Your Surf Adventure: Excitement builds as Max Beach Resort now offers guests the opportunity to book private surf lessons with Ryan Ragan. The process is as easy as riding a wave – simply click the link above or keep an eye on your pre-arrival emails for reservation details. Secure your spot and get ready for an adventure that combines luxury with the thrill of surfing.

Creating Lasting Memories: Imagine the thrill of riding the waves with a pro, the salt breeze in your hair, and the sun kissing your skin. This partnership brings a new dimension to your Max Beach Resort experience, allowing you to create lasting memories that go beyond the ordinary.

In the words of Ryan Ragan, "Surfing is not just a sport; it's a lifestyle. And at Max Beach Resort, we're inviting you to embrace that lifestyle, no matter your age or skill level."
Don't miss the chance to turn your beach vacation into a surfing adventure. Reserve your private lesson now and get ready to ride the waves of luxury at Max Beach Resort.
The surf's up, and the experience is waiting for you!

Ryan Ragan's Vast Oceans Surf and SUP: Visitor's Choice Award Winner 2022

Video provided by Daytona Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau